Art First in Print
New Prints by Gallery Artists
28 January - 20 February 2003
LONDON Main Gallery



Our second print exhibition has more new works by a larger selection of artists than ever before. After the success of our first prints outing we have encouraged more of our artists to get into print-making. Appearing for the first time in print are Diana Hulton, Margaret Hunter, Helen MacAlister, Iain Robertson and Ian Welsh. John Howard and Jenny Okun, already well known as printmakers (making drypoints and inkjet prints respectively) are also included for the first time.

All the aforementioned join our regular printmakers Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Eileen Cooper, Lino Mannocci, Jack Milroy and Barbara Rae.

The larger number of artists also means a wider selection of media. Making more of an impact than before is the inkjet print, a form of printmaking that is proving to have enormous possibilities for artists. Diana Hulton, Jack Milroy, Jenny Okun and Ian Welsh manipulate their images in quite different ways. Hulton and Milroy for example are creating original images directly on the computer without the use of photography. Scanning, either via flatbed scanners or digital cameras, is otherwise the primary method of originating the images.

The painter printmakers are nonetheless well represented with screenprints by Barns-Graham, Hunter and Rae, linocuts by Cooper and a wonderful new colour etching by Robertson.

These are just a few of our favourite things....