Contemporary British Art
15 July - 28 August 2003
LONDON Main Gallery




Art First's annual summer extravaganza is back again. This exciting exhibition allows us to introduce new artists to the gallery, some well known but many whose work is yet to be fully recognised. It always throws up a few surprises. This year is no exception. Of the forty six artists participating this year twenty have never been previously invited and only eight have shown in this exhibition once before. They all hang alongside a selection of the gallery's own artists.

There is no shortage of exuberance in this year's exhibition, with the sparkling abstracts of Kevin Laycock and the cheeky monkeys by Sandie Sutton, the crisp white snows of Beverly Daniels and the boppers of Anna Gardiner. The works come in a variety of media: oil, acrylic, photography, pencil, wire, paper collage, vitreous enamel, gouache, watercolour, wood, encaustic. It is an eclectic collection!

Furthermore we have asked two of our painters, Eileen Cooper and Luke Elwes, to guest curate small exhibitions in our front room. Eileen's guests are Chris Appleby, Basil Beattie and Roy Oxlade, whose works will be on display between 15 and 31 July. Luke's invitees, Pip Dickens and Sally Howarth, exhibit between 4 and 28 August.

With so much on show there's bound to be something for everyone! Come and see.