Anthony Whishaw RA
Maverick Images
9 October - 7 November 2002
LONDON Front Room


Tony Whishaw has long been fascinated by illusion/allusion, visual play, paradox and different kinds of space. He has also been working with dyp-, trip- and polyptych formats since about 1980.

Gradually some panels began to emerge with asymmetrical proportions, different shapes and languages and now with the juxtapositions of texture with much stronger colour not normally acceptable bedfellows, as colour creates its own space whereas texture is itself 'real'.
"I explore several ideas at once, in both my studios, working on different canvases, constantly transporting the smaller ones from one studio to the other. Often this results in unexpected crossbreeding and the start of a new hybrid series.

"Earlier groups of my paintings related to trees, rivers and the sea out of which have now developed works concerned with movement, turbulence and surface tension in liquids, air and mental space. Overall is the desire to capture the image in the process of formation the anticipation of its appearance."