Order and Disorder
24th March - 23rd April, 2009
The Paintings of Wilhelmina Barns-Graham 1965-1980


Barns-Graham's paintings of 1965 to 1980 are a distinct group, yet they are also part of a continuing thread that weaves its way through her career, from the glacier paintings of the early 1950s to the liberated abstract expressionism of her final decade. The paintings from this period played a vital role in the development of her future work, and without their intense investigation of Order and Disorder, the exciting late work, as we know it, may never have materialised in the manner in which it did. This presentation of paintings from a fifteen year period is the first such investigation of a specific development within Barns-Graham's oeuvre.

Art First, in association with The Barns-Graham Charitable Trust, 2009