Margaret Hunter
Natural Adaptations: Paintings, Drawings, Sculpture
22 May - 21 June 2002


Margaret Hunter introduced herself to Art First as an 'Afro-Hebridean', and in terms of artistic affiliations, she meant it. During her training at the Glasgow School of Art, she was drawn to the art of Georg Baselitz and while studying later with him in Berlin, she discovered her own connection with African tribal art. The exhibition Africa, the Art of a Continent, at The Royal Academy, 1995, was a watershed for Margaret. It affirmed tendencies latent in her highly expressionist work, particularly in her handling of wooden sculpture.

The human figure, and especially the female form, predominates the work. A highly personal vocabulary of choreographed movement, expressive of emotional states and a rich array of subconscious investigation, winds its way easily from vigorously sketched ideas drawn on paper to sumptuously textured paintings on board and canvas and enchanting, deeply marked sculptures hewn from wood and pierced with metal articulation.

Margaret lives and works from her two homes in Glasgow and Berlin, and exhibits widely in Europe and the UK. She will show in New York for the first time with Art First.