Margaret Hunter
Painting, Sculptures, Drawings
1 - 26 June 2004


The work for Margaret Hunter's new exhibition emerges from anunusually concentrated period of creativity. A dynamic body of drawings signals a new mood in her richly expressive paintings and in the deeply incised, rubbed and carved wooden sculptures. Apart from the abiding sense of energy contained within all her female figures, there is now a shift towards a more reflective and tender mode.

Based in Berlin since 1986, this Scottish artist retains strong connections with her former home near Glasgow. In a recent statement about her work, Sandy Moffat (Glasgow School of Art, where Hunter trained) wrote:

"Margaret Hunter's continuous subject resides in the connection between the internal world of her own experience, of living across geographical and cultural boundaries, and the external conditions presented by the social, historical and political realities of contemporary Europe".

Behind the European sensibility of her work lies her passion for African tribal art, and the 'primitive' art of other early civilisations. This provides the informing, liberating aesthetic which gives Hunter's art its exuberance and its distinctive strength.

Hunter's work is in museum and public collections including: Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Edinburgh, Scottish Arts Council, Fleming Wyfold Foundation London, Strathclyde University Glasgow, Berliner Hypo-Pfandbrief Bank AG Berlin.