Eileen Cooper
Deeper Water
22 May - 28 June 2007


In this new body of work the continuing strains of character, place and symbology in Cooper's work are shifted onto the subjects' bodies themselves. The Tattoo series is complemented by dynamic new large-scale narrative paintings.

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue with essay by Deborah Levy.

Levy Writes 'This is art that has rubbed close against the artist's experience of existing..."

…Cooper has said herself that her narratives tend to be 'extended and continued over a number of works'. History in this sense is the way in which the artist has developed and consolidated her considerable technique, boldly experimenting with materials in a number of media to make a record of female experience: the life of children, the death of parents, the joy of dancing, the perplexities of ageing, the mystery of enduring love.