Jack Milroy
LONDON Main Gallery


Milroy is one of the most imaginative artists around. His work is clever, humourous, sometimes irreverent, thoughtful and beautiful. If this sounds too good to be true it isn't, as Milroy has produced another amazing group of cut paper works which will both intrigue and entertain his enthusiasts.

Hive takes off where Surgery as a Pastime concluded in 1999, with the use of the figure. However, instead of continuing with the monochromatic Muybridge figures (he used these and studies of animals in a major commission from British Airways, unveiled last year)
he has been busy with his own camera (digital) and the co-operation of a model. As a result the exhibition centres around the three House of the Caryatids, Strata, Seaside and the huge nine foot long Strata 2.

The digital camera has opened up so many opportunities for Milroy to create his own images rather than use the ready made. For example he has turned the camera onto trees (Lake and Canal), and the leaves which make up Dream of the Customs Officer, a work which is a nod and a wink to Rousseau's Dream.

But enough! To say more will spoil the surprises. Suffice to say that this is an extraordinary show and one you just have to see!

An illustrated catalogue will be available.