Wilhelmina Barns-Graham
Prints and Book launch
24 September – 10 October, 2007

Coinciding with the launch of the major catalogue* of her complete printmaking career from 1946 until the last magnificent series before her death in 2004, written and researched by Ann Gunn of the University of St. Andrews, Art First presents a special selection of the prints and other important works by this major British modernist.

Art First has had the privilege of staging several major solo exhibitions with Wilhelmina Barns-Graham during the last decade of her life. We continue to work closely with the Barns-Graham Charitable Trust as an outlet for the prints and in the promotion of her work with a continuing programme of exhibitions.

Lund Humphries, September 2007

*Copies available from the gallery at the special price of £30 during the show (list price £35.00).