Observe: Burroughs, E. “Observe” Exhibition catalogue: Art First

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Silent Thresholds: Burroughs, E. “Silent Thresholds” Exhibition catalogue: Art First

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Silent Thresholds
African Cosmos/Stellar Arts: Kramer, C.M, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
(This book accompanied the group-breaking exhibition curated by Christine Mullen Kramer and includes a contribution by Karel Nel)
Silent Thresholds

There But Not There, The Significance of Absence: Burroughs, E. Exhibition catalogue: Art First

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The Significance of Absence
2008 The Brilliance of Darkness: Scoville, N “COSMOS” , Nel, K “The Brilliance of Darkness" Exhibition catalogue, Art First The Brilliance of Darkness
2007 Lost Light: Fugitive Images from Deep Space: Standard Bank Gallery, Johannesburg Lost Light
2002 The Status of Dust: Bunn, D. “Breath Alphabet: Karel Nel and the History of Division” and Dubow, J. “A Profane Spirituality, A Radical Materiality”. Exhibition catalogue: Art First, London The Status of Dust
2000 Volcanic Texts: Stracey, C. Introduction, Nel, K. “The Way of Stone”. Exhibition catalogue, Art First Volcanic Texts

Selected Texts by Karel Nel

2018 Re/Disccovery and Memory: The Works of Kumalo, Legae, Nitegeka & Villa', Elizabeth Burroughs and Karel Nel, Norval Foundation, Cape Town
2012 Nel, K. “The Cosmos and Africa: Balancing Data and the Poetics of Knowledge” In Kreamer, C. (ed) African Cosmos / Stellar Arts: African Cultural Astronomy from Antiquity to the Present, National Museum of African Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC
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