Selected Publications

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

W Barns-Graham:
A Studio Life

Lynne Green, published by Lund Humphreys

Will Maclean

Symbols of Survival:
The Art of Will Maclean

Duncan Macmillan, published by Mainstream Publishing and Art First, 2000

A Catechism of the Laws of Storms
John Burnside poems & Will Maclean images: a collaboration, published by Art First, 2016

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Simon Lewty

Simon Lewty:
The Self as a Stranger

Contributions by Cathy Courtney, Jessica Dubow, Paul Hills, Ian Hunt, Peter Larkin, Susan Michie and Stuart Morgan. Published by Black Dog Publishing and Art First, 2010

Simon Lewty/Peter Larkin:
Versions of One Another 

Preface by Peter Larkin, published by Art First, 2016

Simon Lewty:
Cradles of the New

This is the first publication to be devoted purely to the writing of Simon Lewty. The author is best-known for his drawings combining figurative imagery and handwritten texts.

He writes: Cradles of the New has the feeling of a tale, but the telling has been intruded upon, disrupted and overlaid. The characters echo the dramatis personae of my pictures: the mocker and the mocked, the staunch pilgrim, the strange old man, certain animals, ‘he’ and ‘she’. The places are also familiar: the path, the field, the barn, the suburb, the shop. the incidents belong to a time which is antique, yet modern too. Not ‘once upon a time’, but simply ‘the day before yesterday’—gone, yet strangely present.

Published by Prest Roots Press 1994. 24pp, 10 x 7 ins, Thread-sewn, wrappers. ISBN 1 871237 12 2.

Jack Milroy

Jack Milroy: Cut Out
Contributors include Dame Antonia Byatt, Philip Hensher, Andrew Lambirth, Simon Morley and William Packer, published by Black Dog Publishing and Art First 2016-17

Louis Maqhubela

Louis Maqhubela:
A Vigil of Departure

Marilyn Martin. Published in 2010 by the Standard Bank, South Africa, with Art First to accompany the Retrospective Exhibition of work from 1960–2010