Bridget Macdonald

A Deeper Landscape: paintings and drawings around the theme of landscape and memory

Art First London
10 April - 17 May 2024

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Many of the works in this exhibition depict the landscape of the Malvern Hills where I live. Perry Pear at Storridge for example is a reminder of the old orchards of Herefordshire, many of which have been grubbed up over the last decades. We have a young orchard a few miles away planted with old local varieties of apples and pears – a scheme devised by Herefordshire County Council to conserve the heritage of this landscape. This orchard appears in Crows in the September Orchard and March Pruning with the Japanese Ladder.

Bridget Macdonald, Perry Pear at Storridge, oil on linen, 102 x 102 cm Bridget Macdonald, Crows in the September Orchard, 2019, oil on linen, 76 x 102 cm Bridget Macdonald, Gascony Pastoral, 2023, oil on linen, 101 x 127 cm Bridget Macdonald, March Pruning with the Japanese Ladder, 2023, oil on linen, 101 x 127 cm Bridget Macdonald, The Beautiful View, 2022, charcoal on paper, 81 x 122 cm Bridget Macdonald, The Midsummer Mare II, 2019, charcoal on paper, 81 x 122 cmBridget Macdonald installation image 1 (courtesy Justin Piperger)Bridget Macdonald installation image 2 (courtesy Justin Piperger)


Donald Teskey


Art First London
23 May - 21 June 2024

The sea is one of Donald Teskey’s principal subjects and Art First is delighted to present a group of the breath-taking paintings that emerged from his Western Cape Residency in South Africa during February 2019. They are shown in this exhibition alongside his more familiar scenes of the Atlantic ocean crashing onto the rocks on Ireland’s West Coast in Co Mayo, where Teskey has enjoyed many concentrated residencies over the years.

Closer to home and his Dublin studio is the River Dodder, with currents of a very different kind from those hosted by the great Atlantic Ocean. This group of riverbank paintings is redolent with leafy summer growth and the gentle ebb and flow of water levels nudged by the river’s currents.

Donald Teskey, Cape Aguhas III, 2024, acrylic on paper, 76 x 105 cmDonald Teskey, Cape Study VI, 2019, acrylic on paper, 19 x 23.7 cmDonald Teskey, Coastal Report VII – Portnahally Co. Mayo, 2016, acrylic on paper, 77 x 90 cmDonald Teskey, Achill I, 2022, acrylic on paper, 50 x 50 cmDonald Teskey, Riverbank IV, 2018, oil on canvas, 100 x 120 cmDonald Teskey, Water Level II, 2018, oil on canvas, 76 x 61 cm