Main Gallery

Margaret Hunter

Stepping Places

16 May – 21 June, 2013

Margaret Hunter, Re-statement Berlin WallMargaret Hunter installation image Margaret Hunter, Fitting Forms, 2013, oil on wood, 70 x 50 cm Margaret Hunter, Looking Ahead, 2013, acrylic on wood, 70 x 50 cm Margaret Hunter, Of the Moment, 2013, oil on wood, 70 x 50 cmMargaret Hunter, Renovating Berlin Wall painting, 2009

Berlin is a radically transformed city from the one Margaret Hunter came to know when she moved there in 1985. She witnessed the heady moments in 1990 when in a triumphant celebration of the defeat of communism, the Wall was pulled down, and she joined 119 international artists to mark this precise moment of liberation with paintings, on a specific section of the previously inaccessible eastern side of the wall. Joint Venture portrays two heads, the two Germanies, lying side by side surrounded by small figures responding to their new situation.

The East Side Gallery, as it came to be known, is now an international memorial for freedom, 1.3 km long and to commemorate Germany’s unification and a twentieth anniversary, a renovation was completed in 2009 to international acclaim.

Reconnected in this way with an earlier work, Hunter has recreated a version of her Wall painting, this time on large sheets of paper. It is the focus of her new show, which includes sculptures in wood and metal and a series of vibrant drawings and richly coloured and textured panel paintings.

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