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St Ives Connections

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, with works by Roger Hilton, John Wells and Bryan Wynter

10 June–14 August, 2015

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Variations on a Theme, Splintered Ice No. 2, 1987/8, oil on canvas, 91 x 111 cm Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Big Day, 2001, acrylic on paper, 56 x 76 cm Bryan Wynter, Meander III, c.1971-4, oil on canvas, 111.7 x 141.1 cm Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Outside Inside, Meditation Series, 1978, acrylic on canvas, 116.6 x 101.4 cm John Wells, Composition, Yello & Pink, c.1948, oil and pencil on board, 35 x 33.5 cm Roger Hilton, December 1964, gouache and charcoal on wood, 17.3 x 73.1 cm

Art First brings together key works released by the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust, with fine examples by three of her St Ives contemporaries.