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Will Maclean

Gleaned and Gathered

8 October - 15 November, 2014

Will Maclean has a flawless Scottish heritage which underpins his art, though like his ancestors and countless fellow Scots, he has explored the world and brings a universal thematic relevance to his practice. His powerfully metaphorical art is based on the histories and mythologies of those who live and work by the sea. With a profound interest in Scottish and Highland culture, his handling of the vast subjects of navigation, fishing, whaling, emigration and exploration, has a reductive, poetic language that can be understood across many cultures, and which over five decades, has acquired a distinctive quality that is uniquely his own.

Accompanying the exhibition is a publication with an essay by Andrew Patrizio, Professor of Scottish Visual Culture, Edinburgh College of Art.

Also published in relation to the exhibition is A Catechism for the Laws of Storms, a collaboration between John Burnside and Will Maclean. The book is accompanied by a separate edition of richly inked prints, and is available from Art First.